About Us

We're starting a revolution to redefine senior living.

This website is brought to you by be.group. As one of California's largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities, be.group is dedicated to helping residents and clients discover new ways to embrace life's possibilities and be themselves. But we strive to be more than just a provider of senior living communities.

We are on a mission to help older adults reach their full potential. As a nonprofit organization, we are committed to the notion that better physical environments, better service and better lifestyles lead to the rich, purposeful lives everyone desires and deserves.

Are we optimistic about aging? You bet!

be.group launched MySilverAge in April 2013 as a way to celebrate successful aging in all its rich and varied forms, and to provide useful information to help older adults and their families.

be.group knows first-hand the challenges of senior living—and the freedom and wisdom that comes with successful aging. Through MySilverAge, we’re letting you in on that “secret.” It’s not about denying your age. It’s about living the life you want to live, regardless of your age. It’s about doing all the items that have been on your wish list for years.

At the same time, we’re realistic. We know the changes that come with aging can be tough—but they don’t have to sideline you. Let us empower you with information to help you face life’s obstacles head on.