5 Great Senior Date Ideas

Erin Brereton
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Inspiration for your next romantic adventure.

  • A senior couple enjoys a date

    If you’re tired of meeting potential suitors for dates at the local Starbucks, we hear you. Sure, coffee is an easy way to connect, but there’s so much more out there. From tapping into your artistic side to trying a new activity together, these senior date ideas are great ways for singles to get to know each other.

  • A senior couple enjoys a date

    Stroll Somewhere Together

    Pepper Schwartz, a University of Washington sociology professor and AARP sex, relationship and dating columnist, suggests keeping the first date short and simple.

    “Take a walk,” she says. “If it’s good, you can always extend the date. If it’s bad, it can be politely short.”

    Sometimes, just moving gives you something to do. You can comment on what you see, talk, feel less formal, less continuous eye contact. It does relieve some pressure. 

  • A senior couple enjoys a date

    Choose Your Own Adventure

    Forego the traditional dinner and a movie, says Harold Spielman, co-author of “Suddenly Solo: A Lifestyle Road Map for the Mature, Widowed or Divorced Man”—and bond over an activity instead.

    Spielman’s local mountain club sponsors boating and other events for a variety of ages, which he feels can be an ideal date activity.

    “Kayaking, for example, is easy to do, and it’s easy for people to talk to each other on a quiet lake or stream,” he says. And you can grab a bite afterward. 

  • A senior couple enjoys a date

    Learn Something New

    Lectures and lessons—such as a painting class—can be conversation starters for daters.

    “At any age, it’s a really nice way to interact, while doing something alone at the same time,” says dating expert April Masini, whose online advice column has addressed more than 22,000 relationship questions. “It’s much more interesting than a movie because you’re both creating something.”

    Testing out a new hobby together can also provide future get-together ideas.

    “You make it your thing by buying supplies and painting on future dates,” Masini says. “You can find great landscapes by simply getting in the car and going, or by finding a park … and making a day of it.”

  • A senior couple enjoys a date

    Mix It Up

    Joan Moran, 72, and her boyfriend, Walt, 70, love to dance. They met at a local tango hangout in Austin, Texas. Last October, the couple decided to take the show on the road.

    Although they booked a room ahead of time in a 100-year-old bed-and-breakfast, plans were generally left up to chance. “He and I are better as explorers­,” Moran says.

    The couple drove to San Antonio, Texas, toting their bikes for a 20-mile ride along a river and several missions, and spent the weekend scoping out the oldest bar in San Antonio, touring the Alamo and snacking on quinoa chile relleno and margaritas.

    “We both had a wonderful time—[with] food, exercise and fun,” Moran says.

Publication Date: January 12, 2016
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